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LEEYIN Sound Absorption Series
  • Fabric Wrapped Fiberglass Acoustic Wall Panels
  • Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Panels
  • Grooved Acoustic Panel
  • Perforated Acoustic Panel
  • Art Decorative Acoustic Panel
  • Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel
  • Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
  • Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panel
  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
  • 3D Cylinder Sound Absorber
  • Multi-Function Sound Absorber
  • 2D Flat Sound Absorber
  • Jingmo Foam
  • 28-4mm Wooden Grooved Acoustic Panel with FR MDF
  • 5-3mm Grooved Acoustic Wood Panel for Wall and Ceiling
  • 28-4mm Soundproofing Grooved Wooden Acoustic Ceiling and Wall Panel
  • 16/16/3mm Perforated Metal Products Acoustic Panel with CMA Combination Board
  • Customized Veneer Wooden Perforated MDF Acoustic Ceiling Board
  • 32/32/8 MDF Sound Insulation Acoustic Perforated Board for Interior Decoration
  • Wooden Acoustic Sound Diffuser Panel for Recording Studio
  • Eco-friendly MDF QRD Diffusers Ceiling Materials for Sound Insulation
  • 3D Bevel Acoustic Diffuser
  • Echo Block Mineral Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
  • Hexagon Wood Wool Acoustic Board for Interior Wall / Ceiling Decoration
  • Easy Install 100% PET Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel
  • Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel for Auditorium and Cinema Sound Insulation
  • Cinema Polyester Fiber Decorative Acoustic Panel
  • Customized Acoustic Desk Screen made with Polyester Fiber Panel
  • Fabric Covered Acoustic Panel for Banquet,Auditorium,Cinema
  • Fabric Wall and Ceiling Sound Absorption Board
  • Flame Retardant Fabric Facing Decorative Acoustic Panel
  • Flocking Painted Art Acoustic Panels
  • Composite Grooved Acoustic Panel
  • Fire Retardant Grooved Acoustic Panels
  • Composite Wood Cladding for Interior Wall Decoration
  • Aluminum Perforated Acoustic Panel for Suspended Ceiling Sound System
QPLAN Sound Insulation Series
  • QPLAN Mass Loaded Vinyl
  • 400 kg/m3 Density 2mm MLV Soundproof Rubber Underlay
  • Noise Barrier Fence for Contruction Site
  • PVC Soundproofing Blankets with Grommets
  • Fiberglass Quilted Sound Barrier
  • Noise Barrier for Soundproof Generator Enclosure
  • QPLAN Soundproof Door
  • QPLAN Rubber Cork Insulation Pad
  • QPLAN Sound Isolation Rubber
  • QPLAN Sound Insulation Ceiling Spring Hanger
  • QPLAN Sound Insulation Ceiling Hanger
  • QPLAN Sound Insulation Wall Hanger
Movable Partition
  • 65 Type Movable Partition for Hotel & Restaurant
  • 65 Type Melamine Retractable Movable Partition Wall
  • 80 Type Soft Wrapped Hotel & Banquet Movable Partition
  • 80 TypeMelamine Board Movable Partition
  • 100 Type Fireproof Soft Fabric Wrapped Movable Partition
  • 100 Type Hard Leather Wrapped Panel Movable Partition
  • Type 125 Super High Fireproof Movable Partition
  • Wooden Movable Soundproof Room Partition
  • Collapsing Aluminium Movable Wooden Partition Walls
  • Banquet Hall Room Dividers Movable Partition in 2018
  • Latest Room Dividers Banquet Hall Movable Partition in 2018
  • Collapsing Aluminium Movable Wooden Partition Walls For Huge Area
Glass Partition
  • Square Column Single Layer Office High Glass Partition
  • Type 90 Single Layer Glass Screen Partition
  • Type 80 Single Layer Movable Glass Partition
  • Double Layer Glass Partition and System Door
  • Double Layer Fixed Glass Partition
  • Framed Fixed Glass Partition
  • Soundproof Aluminum Glass Partition Wall
  • Internal Frameless Glass Door Aluminium Panel Office Partition
Acoustic Desk Dividers
  • Customized Polyester Acoustic Desk Screen
  • Soundproof and Privacy Screens for Office Desks

Leeyin Acoustics offer designers a variety of options, sound insulation, sound absorption, and diffusion products which are suitable for use in different environmental areas. 

LEEYIN, QPLAN and Happy Family three series of products can meet the different needs of public building space acoustics, environmental noise reduction vibration treatment and home building acoustics.

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