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Stadium Acoustics Solution

To ensure that stadium auditorium and venue to meet the hearing environment required by the use function, the acoustics design of gymnasium should start from the architectural design. The architectural acoustics design of stadiums and gymnasiums, sound reinforcement system design and noise control design should be executed coordinately and simultaneously.


The architectural acoustics of sports stadiums should ensure clear language when the sound reinforcement system is used, auditoriums and venues in stadium halls and auditoriums should not have acoustic defects such as echoes, tremolo echoes and acoustic focusing.


When choosing stadium acoustics solutions, it should be combined with the construction form, structure form, the auditorium and the venue configuration and the speaker layout and other factors.


When dealing with sound absorption, reflecting sound and avoid acoustic defects and other issues in the hall, in addition that the speaker should be the main source of sound, it is also necessary to regard natural sound sources generated during sports activities in the gym as the sound source.


In the selection of acoustic materials and construction, the acoustic materials and constructions should conform to the acoustic properties, mechanical properties, flame retardant, environmental protection, decoration and other requirements of the material.


Comprehensive stadium hall full reverberation time should choose the following provisions:


When the frequency is 500Hz-1000Hz, different volume competition hall full field reverberation time satisfies the following form:

 different volume competition hall reverberation time.jpg

Each frequency reverberation time and 500Hz-1000Hz reverberation time ratio should meet the following requirements:

 Each frequency reverberation time and 500Hz-1000Hz reverberation time ratio.jpg

The noise control design of the gymnasium hall and the sports hall related space should take measures from the overall design, layout and building sound insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, vibration isolation and other aspects, low-noise radiation equipment system should be used. The background noise of the venue should not exceed the corresponding indoor background noise limit.

  indoor background noise limit.jpg

Sound absorption and reflection treatment

1.The upper of gymnasium hall should set sound-absorbing material or sound-absorbing structure.

2. When the stadium roof is lighting roof, shading structure should be combined with the lighting parts to carry out the sound-absorbing treatment.

3. Glass windows around the stadium hall should use sound-absorbing curtains.

4. The gables, small wall, a large area of walls, stands railing around gymnasium stadium should process sound absorption.

5. The lobby lounge connected to competition hall inside the gymnasium should carry out sound-absorbing treatment combined with decoration.

6. Acoustic materials used in swimming pool should take moisture-proof, anti-acid, alkali and fog measures.

7. Tennis hall should be set ground vibration isolation measures, and as far as possible carry out sound absorption processing for the echo generated by the sound of tennis hit the ground.

8. For the stadiums with deeper shed, sound absorption treatment should be carried out in the shed.

9. The wall around gymnasium podium and referee seats should do sound absorption processing.


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