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Leeyin Acoustics Project - Gansu Linxia National Theater

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Gansu Linxia National Grand Theater project construction area is 20,000 square meters, and uses the frame – shear wall structure, there are 1052 audience seats. The main structure of the ground concrete is four layers, The concrete body is 42 meters high and the stage is 31.6 meters high. Building plane is round, facade is “bud” type, and the largest plane diameter is 88 meters.

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The main body is reinforced concrete modified annular beam – inclined column frame structure, the roof part is a steel structure reticulated structure, using space double twisted steel structure, the overall structure and architectural style are exactly the same. The design has a rich Muslim style, its appearance is novel and chic. And the architectural style and interior decoration merges into a large number of regional cultural elements, which has a distinctive national characteristic. After completion, it will be served as the main venue for the 60th anniversary of Linxia state, but also the landmark building shows the Linxia multicultural and external image.


Leeyin Acoustics offer designers a variety of options, sound insulation, sound absorption, and diffusion products which are suitable for use in different environmental areas. 

LEEYIN, QPLAN and Happy Family three series of products can meet the different needs of public building space acoustics, environmental noise reduction vibration treatment and home building acoustics.

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