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Guangdong Liyin’s 6-Day Trip to Thailand

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-09-12  From:  Hits:98

Guangdong Liyin employees traveled to Thailand Krabi and Phuket during 5th September and 10th September. We spent a pleasant holiday there, where we left too many good memories. Now we are willing to share with you.

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Day 1:

We took the plane from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 22:25 on 5th September, 2017 to Thailand Krabi Airport, which took 3 hours. Check in the hotel after arriving at Krabi. Here is particularly what I want to say: Thailand is a country which extremely pay attention to environmental protection. There are free of toiletries in most hotels, so if you want to travel there, then remember to bring your own or you can buy from the seven eleven there.

Day 2:

Because we arrived in Krabi at 3 o’clock on 6th September in Thailand time, in order to enable us to have a good rest, the tour guide arranged us to gather at 12 gather and eat lunch, and then start our journey.

The first day trip can be summed up in two words, that is – soak in water. First we went to the Emerald Pool, which is a beautiful natural pool. It is composed of yellow lichens and green moss, and there is clear water. The water in the pool makes people feel very fresh, the surrounding environment is also beautiful, which looks like a natural oxygen bar.

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Then we went to the hot spring lake. Do not think that the water-related activities when you are in Krabi is only to the sea. There is rich geothermal resources in the tropical rainforest. Underground hot springs can go down the mountain like a waterfall, water temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius, very suitable for bathing.

After dinner, the tour guide took us to the Krabi night market. An array of food is really a big appetite, which lures us to eat a lot of food. Unfortunately, we have had dinner so the stomach are too full to hold more stuff. Of course,  some food aficionado tried some delicious food.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-28.jpg

Day 3:

This day we went to Phuket from Krabi by car, which took about 4 hours. The scenery along the way is really very charming, the sky is particularly blue, the clouds are particularly white and particularly large, there are so many trees, the air is particularly fresh. We went to Coral Island after we arrived in Phuket, where we had the first time to experience the beach and sea water. The items on sea include underwater stroll, deep dive, motor boats, towing umbrella, etc. We enjoyed themselves, indulged in pleasures and were not willing to leave.

We went to watch the Simon show at night, the scene was really very shocking. Those white skin and beautiful beauties are even more beautiful than the real woman. The tour guide said Thailand’s population is about 70 million, and the proportion of Simon accounts for 30%, which is really a magical country. Perhaps because of the imbalance between men and women in Thailand, so they practice polygamy system. This is just the gospel of men, men who want to marry a lot of wives can consider immigration. lol

Day 4:

Today should be regarded as the highlight of the journey. We spent almost all day to stay in the sea. Before going to the beach, we went to ride on the elephant and watched the elephant show. In China, our national treasure is regarded as a treasure, and must be carefully cared. But the national treasure elephant is ride by people, and exhaust to earn money for them. We are all distressed for the elephants.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-13.jpg

Of course the main event is the sea project. The transport from one island to another is the speedboat, which takes about 5 minutes, 20 minutes to 40 minutes. This time we really feel the vastness and boundless of the sea. At the same time, because sitting on the boat too long, some colleagues are seasickness. At the moment we really understood the hard work of the fishermen because they have to be stay in the sea day after day, year after year.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-14.jpg

Have you ever jumped into the sea? You must say that I can not swim, so I dare not jump. Now you can try to jump into the sea or sneak into six or seven meters into the seabed, to have an intimate contact with the small fishes in the sea.

Beautiful underwater world, there are small fish, corals, sea urchins:


Our colleagues played themselves very happy, let us feel together.


What is the most thing we cannot miss when we come to the seaside? Is the beauty and bikini, right? Now I will show you some beautiful pictures, of course there are handsome guys too.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-22.jpg

Day 5:

The trip today is basically shopping. We went to visit the bird’s nest shop, latex products shop, leather shop, snake research center and jewelry center, which are basically luxury stores. You can pay by your credit card if you want to buy something. I don’t want to introduce too much here.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-23.jpg

Day 6:

We took a tourist bus from Phuket to Krabi Airport, took the plane at about 2 o’clock back to Guangzhou. The trip was over.

Leeyin's Trip to Thailand-24.jpg

It is the first time for some one to travel by plane, most people go abroad for the first time, and it is the first time for Guangdong Liyin company to go abroad all together, so this trip is of great significance to us. The boss said that if we have a good performance this year, we will travel to a more funny place next year. So the end does not mean the end, the end is a new beginning. There are only more than three months in 2017, let’s roll up the sleeves to work hard. Look forward to the next company travel together!

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