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Notice for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Vacation

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-05-27  From:  Hits:82


The Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient Chinese traditional festival,began during the Spring and Autumn Period,which has been more than 2,000 years of history. The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is commonly known as Dragon Boat Festival. The essential activities on Dragon Boat Festival gradually evolve into eat zongzi, Dragon Boat race,hanging calamus, Ai leaves, fumigating atractylodes and drink roasted rice wine. It is said that eating zongzi and race dragon boat is to commemorate Qu Yuan(Poet and politician of Chu during Warring States Period ). Therefore, after the liberation of China, the Dragon Boat Festival was named “Poet Festival” to commemorate Qu Yuan.

It is said that Qu Yuan jumped into the Miluo River on May the fifth day, and trapped by the dragon after he died.The world sorrowed, so they cast colored zongzi in the water to drive the dragon on this day every year. There are legends saying that after Qu Yuan cast into the Miluo River, local people immediately boated to rescue him after they heard the news. They straightly went to Dongting Lake but they didn’t finally see Qu Yuan’s body. At that time, it happened to be a rainy day, the boat on the lake converged together next to the pavilion by the shore. When people learned that they were rescuing good minister Qu Yuan, they dispatched in the rain once again, competing to draw into the vast Dongting

Lake. In order to sustenance grief, people boat on the river, and then gradually developed into a dragon boat race. It seems that to eat zongzi and race dragon on the Dragon Boat Festival is related to commemorate Qu Yuan. Later, this custom spread throughout the country, and even spread to North Korea, Japan, Southeast Asian countries.

Guangzhou Liyin will be off work for Dragon Boat Festival Vacation from 28th May to 30th May, and we will be back to work on 31st, May. If you have any problems about our products, please feel free to contact us at We will reply you as soon as we get back. Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you!


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