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How to Install the Office Partitions?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-10-25  From:  Hits:85

glass partition for offices

Office partitions are also known as public partitions, which mainly use glass partitions and physical partitions to divide the internal functional area of the offices. Office partition can not only improve the environment, but also make the office more elegant.

How is the glass office partition?

1.Transparent, decorative effect is fashion and novel
Now there are quite a lot of partitions are used in office decoration, and the majority of people choose glass partition in the partition design material options. The excellent light transmission and transparency of glass give us a bright and gentle feeling, which will never increase the sense of oppression even in small living areas. Not to mention its waterproof and moisture-proof performance, so it is an excellent partition material. Modern decoration makes full use of a variety of glass technology, creating a gorgeous colorful decorative effect.

2.Easy to disassemble, stable and efficient
Most of the glass partitions are based on the specified modulus design profiles. Whether it can achieve rapid assembly, mass production during the decoration production process is an important indicator of the use of glass partitions. Separate structural components make installation, maintenance, disassembly and reuse more efficient.

3.Significant shock resistance, pressure resistance
The main structure of the 
glass partition wall is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy (frame) and other polymer materials, the internal structure of the entire wall is also made of high strength aluminum alloy, processed into a pre-designed H-type and multi-point averagely forced high-strength profiles, which fully meet the fireproof, shock resistance, and anti-side impact requirements.

The glass partition is mainly used for indoor separation, being able to separate a single space, to achieve a multi-purpose, complementary effects. Usually the ground and the roof keep through is equivalent to a transparent wall. Mainly used in some large office areas, exhibition hall, conference hall, lecture hall and so on, bring more convenience for your office.

How to install the office partition?

The upper and lower door axis must be on a vertical line, glass doors must use steel as beams, the upper shaft must be welded to the beam. The upper beam is not advisable to use a fine wood board keel structure, when pre-set the spring you should cut a rectangular square on the original ground, the surrounded place should be ten feet more than the spring base, which is used to plug high grade cement mortar, to play a firming role. It is proposed to install the glass door 24 hours after the spring cement is solidified. Install the glass door should be eight to twelve millimeters away from the ground, preventing the glass door from scratching the ground when it falls.

The upper and lower door axis of the spring door should be in the center of the door frame, make sure that the glass door located in the center of the door frame after being installed. The glass door is about 3-6 mm from the beam, so that the connection of the upper door axis and door clip will not be separated when the door droops. Fill the door axis and door clip with butter, this can reduce the wear of the connector, thereby extending the service life.


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