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How to Create a Beautiful Space with Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Panels?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-10-13  From:  Hits:83


The suspended ceiling can not only make up for the lack of the original building structure, rich the shape on the top, enhance visual appeal, so that the top treatment is full of personality, thus reflecting the unique decorative style, but also can enrich the indoor light source level, to achieve a good lighting effect. In addition, the ceiling can also have the role of thermal insulation. Decorating a good suspended ceiling not only needs selection of high quality materials, but also need to use materials on the right place, application due to material, play its greatest advantage.

Wooden acoustic panel ceiling can be divided into perforated and veneer two kinds, which is convenient for construction, good processing performance, and can make a variety of different relief patterns based on the needs of consumers, while the grooved acoustic panels are based on the density board as the substrate, whose fireproof, noise insulation, heat insulation and anti-vibration function are better.

In addition to wooden sound-absorbing panels ceiling, decorative gypsum architrave is also commonly used in the living room ceiling decorations. It can replace the essence architrave with a variety of plaster decorative plate ceiling, so that the interior of the ceiling decoration is seamless, strong sense of three-dimensional, good integrity. Decorative gypsum board is cheaper, and strong modeling, which is now also the mainstream choice in home improvement.

Aluminum plate is a class of metal ceiling pop up with the PVC gusset plate in recent years. Compared to plastic, metal material plate has more high-end visual effects. In addition to moisture-proof and easy to clean, aluminum acoustic panels are available for rich colors, convenience for construction, more difficult to deform other than PVC materials, and also do not have to replace in long-term use.

The treatment of the suspended ceiling at home can also have different options depending on the location. In addition to the good decorative effect, the suspended ceiling is also closely related to indoor moisture-proof and other functions. Choosing the right material according to the different requirements of different locations can also better extend the indoor service life.


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