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5 Measures to Solve Home Theater Noise Insulation

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-10-06  From:  Hits:84

home cinema sound insulation

In home theater installation, what people are most worried about is the emergence of noise problems. Because the sound passed through the audio player is very large, if played in a room without any treatment, it will inevitably be disturbing. So many users will consider the issue of noise at the time of the installation. How can the home theater achieve the effect of noise insulation? The following are five measures to solve the problem of home theater noise.

1.Home theater sound insulation can be achieved through a variety of ways. First, you should make a reasonable choice of sound-absorbing material, such as polyester acoustic panels, cloth wrapped acoustic panels. But also pay attention that the sound-absorbing materials should not be paved too much, otherwise it will make the sound dry and astringent, lack of mellow and sweet sense of space. In the decoration process, wood flooring, thick curtains, soundproof carpets, and other materials with good sound-absorbing effect are good choices.

2.Tighten doors and windows. The glass of doors and windows (including the door glass on furniture) must be installed firmly, and pay attention to the gap at the pad. If the living room environment is near the street or downtown, and too noisy, you should seal the gap between doors and windows. It is best to change the doors and windows to double layer. Choose heavy wooden doors, it is best to achieve a thickness of 50cm, and there should also be a pad at the gap (acoustic door is recommended).

3. It is not advisable to use large area tiles. Solid wood flooring or composite wood flooring is better, and cork flooring is much better. If the existing flooring is tiles or hard floors, you can pave noise proof carpet in the local areas. Its best program is cork flooring match with pure wool plush carpet.

4. Do not do cavity ceiling. Use wood or sound-absorbing wood to do modeling convex or zigzag shape as far as possible. The easiest way is to do wood beam or mineral wool sound absorption board.

5. Deal the wall with fabric wrapped acoustic panels as much as possible or use sound-absorbing softwood to do decorative wallboard. You can also make wooden shelves or shelves in the right place, which is both practical and landscaping, while will play a role in delaying the sound waves. If one side of the wall is a concrete wall and the other side is a large cabinet furniture, then you need to hang a cloth decorative painting or tapestry with sound-absorbing effect on one side of the concrete wall, so that the acoustic performance on both sides of the main speaker is as symmetrical as possible. In addition, the floor curtains and carpets can also play a certain sound-absorbing effect.

Home theater sound insulation need professional audio and video companies to design and decorate according to your size of the space area. This will not only ensure good sound insulation, And also make the home theater effect to the best. If you are looking for sound-absorbing and sound insulation materials, Guangdong Liyin is the perfect choice


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