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How to Carry out Sound Treatment for Office Walls?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-09-25  From:  Hits:84

acoustic panels for office

The office is a place which needs to be quiet, a quiet office environment can improve the efficiency of the staff. Wall sound insulation treatment becomes particularly important, then how to do the wall sound insulation treatment?

In the commercial office building decoration, in order to reduce the impact of external noise, we generally use a simple partition wall to block the spread of the sound.

The office will have a variety of phone calls, keyboard beating, cell phone ringtones and so on during the work, so we will use a variety of decorative sound insulation materials,  so that our work areas are relatively independent of each other. We may install acoustic foam in the wall, ceiling and other places.  Sound insulation foam is a sound-absorbing material, to achieve the purpose of noise insulation through the sound absorption of various bands. With noise proof foam, we don’t need to worry that we will affect others when we discuss things in the office.

After we understand the sound insulation material, let’s talk about the wall noise treatment method. Build a dragon frame first, and then add acoustic foam in the middle of the keel, close the outer layer with wooden acoustic panels. For the office, 125px efficient acoustic foam can meet the requirements. If it is the special occasion like KTV, we can use two-layer acoustic foam to strengthen.

Wall noise insulation engineering is a concealed work. Once the renovation of the office is completed, the latter is basically impossible to remedy, so we should pay special attention in the decoration. It is worth noting that we should adopt a reasonable treatment program for different noise, so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Now, fabric wrapped acoustic panels frequently appear in some high-end office spaces. For these places, the fabric wrapped acoustic panels undoubtedly add  a nobility. The fabric wrapped acoustic panels can not only beautify the space, but also can play the effect of sound absorption and sound insulation.

In fact, to use cloth or leather wrapped acoustic panels, it mainly depends on whether there is sound insulation requirements. The clothing acoustic panels can be sound-absorbing while the leather can not. For example, the audio-visual room, conference room, cinema and other places which need sound-absorbing, you should use fabric wrapped acoustic panels, while backdrop and other places that pay attention to beauty can use leather wrapped panels.

However, handling the wall wrapped panels is also one of the ways of noise reduction. The wall wrapped panels use thicker sponge, wrap it with linen, cotton and other materials, and then paste to the wall to achieve sound-absorbing effect. You should be aware whether noise reduction effect can achieve the desired sound environment before processing.


Leeyin Acoustics offer designers a variety of options, sound insulation, sound absorption, and diffusion products which are suitable for use in different environmental areas. 

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