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Construction Method of Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-05-19  From:  Hits:82

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Polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is a porous material, if magnify three hundred times, we can see the polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are porous structure. It is because of these cavities, polyester acoustic panels can absorb sound. (Sound forms into the reflux in the cavity when go through the polyester fiber sound absorption board, generate from sound energy into heat.)

Construction Method of Polyester Fiber Sound – Absorbing Board:

Rack ceiling:

When polyester fiber board used as a ceiling, it can be cut into small pieces,hoist install by T-type keel, the construction method is the same as the traditional small board ceiling.

Concealed ceiling:

When Polyester fiber board used as a concealed ceiling, the polyester fiberboard can be attached to the keel by gluing or stitching. Board edge and board can be modified with a utility knife, made into a variety of carving patterns, the board can also be bent, easy to do modeling.

Space absorber:

Polyester fiber acoustic board has toughness and tensile strength, which can be connected directly to the board edge with the clip or hanging part.


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