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How to Maintain GRG Wall?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-03-23  From:  Hits:80


GRG wall do not need to carry out maintenance under normal circumstances after the completion and use. But we also need to pay attention to the following points in the use of the process: 

1.Keep the room ventilated. Keep the indoor temperature, humidity and ambient temperature, humidity consistent as far as possible. 

2.Avoid heavy objects to strike the wall. Mild impact will leave traces and pitting on the wall. When the impact force exceeds the maximum breaking load of the GRG product, it will lead to wall cracking, and may cause the wall to fall off if it is serious. 

3.When you clean up the wall, do not clean up with wet items as far as possible. The contact with wet items may cause chemical reactions on GRG wall surface coatings, which will produce discoloration. Clean with soft, dry items as much as possible. 

4.If there is wall damage caused by external causes, we can carry out reduction and maintenance on the damaged parts. When the repair is completed, you can leave no trace, restore the original effect of the original wall.


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