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Basic Principles of Function Rooms and Round Table Meeting Room Architectural Acoustics Design

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2017-12-15  From:  Hits:92

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Due to functional requirements, first of all, we should ensure the interior language clarity and fullness, that is all the positions in the hall have sufficient sound field strength and high language clarity and fullness. Therefore, the reverberation time should be short, so that it will be conducive to the use of languages.  Multi-purpose hall also need to set aside enough adjustable range for music programs. When using the PA system, you can increase the reverb as needed to improve the fullness of the sound.

On the basis of the existing building conditions, design and optimize the shape of the multi-purpose hall, mainly the shape of the side walls and ceiling,  so that it can effectively reflect the early direct sound from the podium and the ceiling reflector in the front of the mouth, so that the early sound can be evenly distributed in the audience seats, as well as increase the uniformity of sound field. At the same time, eliminate architectural acoustics defects in multi-purpose hall with the rational arrangement of interior decoration materials, effectively control laterally reflected sound energy distribution, create a space of high quality visual and audio enjoyment.

The round table room is long and flat, both sides of the short side of the wall will have a “sound focus” phenomenon, the design also needs to be optimized,  making the indoor sound field more uniform, avoid the appearance of sound defects.

In addition to meet the requirements of existing standards, acoustical design highlights the high linguistic clarity of the sound field, strong sound field strength and balance, higher music transparency and sense of space, to meet requirements as a multi-purpose hall.

1.Ensure that there is adequate loudness and language clarity in the hall.
2.There has a better sound quality fullness for the language class performance in the hall.
3.The sound field in the hall is distributed as evenly as possible, and there is not any sound quality defects that interfere with the listening.
4.Control room background noise to the allowable standard.

Follow the above requirements, architectural acoustics design mainly includes multi-function hall volume determination and body design, multi-function hall reverb design, multi-function hall background noise control and so on. If you choose the right materials, then you will have an non-noisy but beautiful environment.


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