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Which kind of Room Partition is Best for Conference Rooms?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2018-03-15  From:  Hits:54

The main advantage of conference room partitions is that they can stagger different partitions, and then combine together, making the entire space in perfect order. The conference room partition can design different visual spaces, then create a simple, concise and generous indoor office environment, which can show different visual effects.

movable partition (6).JPG

Partition wall

Partition wall is one of the more commonly used ones in conference room partitions.  This conference room partition wall is designed with no track on the floor, just install the rails on the ceiling, steady and reliable after partition, it is not easy to swing, and the effect of stability and safety is strengthened. This partition wall has very good sound insulation effect, at the same time it has excellent thermal insulation, the large space can be divided into small spaces according to the different occupancy rates. Use high-efficiency fireproof materials, beautiful appearance, can be combined with indoor decoration effect. And this conference room partition wall is easy to install, reusable, fireproof and environmentally friendly features.

movable partition (3).png

Partition screen

Screens have been common in the partitions. It is a good choice to use this classical solid wood folding screen in the traditional classical style conference room. This conference room partition screen is composed of five parts: solid wood frame, composite plywood, waterproof canvas, metal hinge and screen base. Frame structure can be made into hollow frame section and plus plate section according to your needs, and deal with anti-light treatment. Waterproof canvas gives the ancient classical wood folding screen an ancient flavor. The base of the screen can be folded and straightened, better let you use reasonably according to meeting room space. Does this classic wood folding screen keep you moving?

movable partition (1).png

Glass partition

Want a simple conference room cubicle? Then glass partition is a good choice.

As the conference room glass partition introduced in this article, the excellent quality is subtle, using tempered glass, the honeycomb particles that appear when broken are not easily injurious. Simple design highlights a noble temperament, and the effect of this glass partition looks more atmospheric in the conference room. Because of this, the glass partition has become the most widely used object in the conference room partition.

shutter partition.jpg

Shutter partition

The shutter partition adds a serious and mysterious feeling to the conference room. The light color shutter partition design is a warm tone, without losing the original authoritative atmosphere of the conference room, at the same time it has a warm and harmonious feeling. So the shutter partition has always been loved by many consumers. I believe that if we hold a conference in the environment of such a shutter partition conference room, everyone’s thinking and passion for work can be very active and improved, which will result in a better office enjoyment.


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