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What Need to Consider for Conference Room Acoustics Design?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2018-03-24  From:  Hits:56

As a very special place, the conference room requires us to do some special care when doing acoustics design. So what exactly do we need to pay attention to during the renovation design? What are the requirements? Let's take a look at the acoustics design of the conference room following Leeyin Acoustics!

Video conference room requirements

In order to ensure the high quality of the video conferencing system and improve the effectiveness of the conference, the video conference room is required to be bright and soft, and the sound-absorbing colors coordinate and stretch. Detailed requirements for the video conference room can be referenced as follows:

1.There is the video conference equipment in the video conference room. These devices have high requirements for temperature and humidity, maintain the proper temperature in the room, because suitable humidity is the basic condition for ensuring the reliable and stable operation of the video conference system. The temperature and humidity in the conference room should be suitable, the recommended room temperature is 18-22°C and humidity is 60%-80%. The conference room noise level requirement is 40 dB(A), the entrance and exit doors should consider sound insulation, to form a good meeting environment.

2. Control room: The place used to place equipment for codec and host control should be separated from the conference room by a glass wall or door, no special requirements on size. The control room should not be too far away from the conference room, preferably next door. The observation window is set on the wall between the control room and the main meeting room, the size is 80cm in height and 120cm in width, and the lower edge is 90cm from the ground, easy for technicians to operate. The control room floor should use anti-static floor,

Conference room sound field should be distributed as evenly as possible

1. Influenced by the conference room form and structure, the sound will form the phenomenon of unequal distribution of the sound field such as too long reverberation, standing wave, and focusing on the overly parallel walls, too long ends of the wall, and at the center of the arc body. To make the sound energy density at each point in the sound field equal, and the probability of incidence in each direction of the acoustic line in each sound field is equal, the sound field spread need to be increased as much as possible.

2. There are roughly three ways to increase diffusion: One is to choose or make an irregular physical room to make as the conference room. The second is to achieve diffuse reflection through the undulation or diffuser of the indoor interface. The third is to choose the sound-absorbing material and the reflective material to be installed at intervals, and use sound wave interference to change the direction of the sound to increase the degree of diffusion.

3. The sound field environment with good diffusion, the sound is soft and beautiful, giving people the feeling of being surrounded by music.

Conference room acoustics design

The noise level in the conference room is 40dB(A), to form a good meeting environment. If the indoor noise is large, such as the noise of the air conditioner is too large, it will greatly affect the performance of the audio system, other meeting places will be  difficult to hear the speeches of this conference hall. More seriously, when the multi-point conference adopts "voice control mode", the MCU will continue to switch to this site. In normal circumstances, to ensure the sound insulation and sound absorption of the conference room, we will lay carpets and ceilings in the conference room. In order to make the effect better, we will lay soundproof blankets in the walls around the conference room, using double glass to isolate the sound.

Conference room environment design

1. The temperature and humidity in the conference room should be suitable, usually considered as 18 to 22 degrees of room temperature, 60% to 80% humidity is reasonable. There will be video conferencing equipment in the video conference room, these electrical appliances have higher requirements for temperature and humidity. Reasonable humidity is the basic condition for ensuring the stable operation of the video conference system. To ensure proper temperature and humidity in the room, air-conditioning systems can be installed in the conference room, to achieve heating, humidification, cooling, dehumidification, ventilation function.

2. In addition, meeting rooms require fresh air. The air change per person per hour must not be less than 18 cubic meters.


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