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How to Clean the Glass Partition?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2018-05-05  From:  Hits:38

First, spray the cleaner on the glass partition, paste plastic wrap again, make solidified grease soften. After ten minutes, remove the cling film and wipe it with a damp cloth. To keep the glass bright, you must always clean. If there are handwriting on glass, soak with water and rub with rubber, then wipe it with a damp cloth. If there is paint on the glass, scrub with cotton by dipping  hot vinegar. Wipe glass with a clean dry cloth dipping alcohol can make it bright like crystal.

Daily cleaning of glass partitions is similar to ordinary glassware maintenance, wiping with a wet towel or newspaper is ok. In case of smears, wipe with a towel by dipping beer or warm vinegar. In addition, glass cleaners currently available on the market can also be used. Do not use strong alkaline solution to clean. The glass surface is prone to be frosty in winter, you can wipe by cloth dipping with brine or liquor. Do not use force to hit the glass surface, to prevent scratches on the glass surface, it's best to lay the tablecloth. When you put things on glass furniture, handle gently and avoid collisions.

The glass partition is best placed in a more fixed place, don't move back and forth randomly; To place objects smoothly,  heavy objects should be placed on the bottom of glass furniture, to prevent furniture from falling due to unstable center of gravity. In addition, avoid moisture and keep away from the stove, to be isolated from chemical reagents such as acids and alkalis. Once the patterned frosted glass is dirty, you can use toothbrush with detergent, swipe along the pattern to remove.


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