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How to Deal with Recording Studio Acoustic Decoration Design?

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2018-05-30  From:  Hits:30

Recording studio is a special recording site built by people to create acoustic conditions for a specific recording environment, which is a recording place for recording movies, songs, music, etc. The acoustic characteristics of the studio play a very important role in the quality of the recording production and its products.

People can categorize them as needed. For example, according to the basic characteristics of the sound field, it can be divided into natural reverberation studio, strong sound absorption (short reverberation) recording studio, and active-side & silent side (LEDE) studio, which can also be divided into dialogue studio, music recording studio, sound recording studio, mixed recording studio  from the perspective of usage.

Treatment for Acoustical Defects in Recording Studios:

1.Noise control

a.The generation of noise: The noise of the studio comes from many aspects. There is noise from outside the studio, mainly divided into two categories: One is from outside the recording studio building, for example, traffic noise generated by passing vehicles, airplanes, etc. The other comes from within the building but outside the recording studio, for example, loud talking, humming on and off work; and there is also internal noise from the recording studio, mainly from the camera's moving noise and walking noise of the staff when the air conditioning system, lighting control system and the studio are working.


b.The spread of noise: There are three ways to pass noise into the recording studio, one is noise that acts on walls, floors, ceilings and generates vibrations, and radiate sound energy into the studio. The second is to pass the noise by air into the recording studio through the gap and no sealed holes left by the construction. The third is to enter the recording studio through solid-state sound transmission through the steel wall, the top surface or the ground of the recording studio.

c.Noise control: Soundproofing problems in the studio are mainly surrounding walls and windows and doors for entrance.

The following methods are mainly used for the sound insulation of the above problems: Mainly use multi-material composite sound insulation wall (multi-damped lightweight sound insulation wall) with different sound insulation, wooden acoustical panels, suspended ceiling, fabric wrapped acoustic panels, and seal the external window. This treatment can basically block the influence of outside noise on the recording studio. The entrance door should adopt the composite national standard soundproof door.

2. Reverberation time control

Reverberation time is when the sound is stable in the room, suddenly the sound source ceases to make noise, the sound will decay from the steady state in the room until it decays to one millionth of the original sound energy, this time is called reverberation time. That is the time required for the sound to attenuate by 60dB. In the design of recording studio spaceappropriate reverberation time makes music full, language loud, full and contagious. Too short reverberation time makes the sound dry and powerless; Long reverberation time will reduce language clarity, sound quality lack of rhythm and intensity. So in the space with different qualities and requirements, you must choose a "best" reverberation time. The processing method is mainly to effectively absorb the “impurity” frequency of high, medium and low sounds, remove dross and keep its essence. Treat according to the characteristics of the studio space, and the good sensitivity of the existing equipment and sound flexibility in the later stage.


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