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12 Tips to Prevent Noise Pollution in Family Homes

Author:Leeyin Acoustics  Date:2018-08-02  From:  Hits:16

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Nowadays, many families find noise problems after buying and living in new homes. And the noise problem is very difficult to solve, so the noise problem has become a key issue that plagues people's lives and affects their health. In fact, if you want to control the noise pollution in the room, you should start from buying a house and decoration. The following are the twelve points to help you solve the problem of home noise pollution.

The hazard of noise is if people live in an environment with excessive noise for a long time, they will have irritability, neurasthenia, rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, loss of appetite, restless sleep and other symptoms. According to national regulations, the noise standard in residential areas is below 50 decibels during the day and below 40 decibels during the night. So, how can we reduce indoor noise? Let's take a look at the method that is summarized for everyone.

1.When you buy a new house, you need to know the sound insulation of the new house. Consumers who buy new homes should know about the condition of the house, the location of the equipment and the sound transmission, and the sound insulation of the doors and windows, so that they can carry out soundproofing in the decoration of the house.

2.Thicker on the street. Soundproofing on the street side. Converting the window on the side of the street into a "soundproof window", such as double-glazed windows, which can effectively soundproof. If you choose insulating glass, the sound insulation is also good. In addition, during the renovation, you can add a layer of gypsum board to the wall facing the street, filled with sound-absorbing cotton between the wall and the plasterboard, then paste the wallpaper or paint the wall paint on the plasterboard.

3.Choose a soundproof window with good effect. 90% of the external noise is coming in through the windows and doors. Therefore, it is very important to choose good soundproof windows and doors. The more popular method now is to use hollow double-glazed windows and plastic steel flat-opening sealed windows, which can isolate 70%-80% of noise, while ordinary aluminum single-glazed windows can only isolate 30%-40% of noise.

4.Make the wall rougher: If the wall is too smooth, it is easy to produce echo in the room, thereby increasing the volume of the noise. Therefore, you can use decorative materials such as wallpapers that have better sound absorption, and can also use cultural stone and other decoration materials, reduce the noise by making the surface of the wall rougher. In addition, sound insulation materials such as mineral wool sound absorbing panels can be used for walls and ceilings.

5.Sound insulation and noise reduction. Especially music enthusiasts or sound rooms with practice music in the house, sound absorbing materials should be used as much as possible during interior decoration. Use soft materials on the ground, prevent the impact on the lives of family or neighbors.

6. Carry out soundproofing on the wall during renovation. Wall sounding is the trouble of many families. In the case of renovation is done, sound insulation treatment not only increases the amount of money invested, and damage to walls and furniture. You can use sound-absorbing cotton and gypsum board or a professional soundproofing material to make a partition wall under the guidance of a professional during the decoration.

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7. Use more cloth. The use of fabric to eliminate noise is also a more common and effective method. Tests have shown that drape and tiled fabrics have the same sound absorption and effect, such as curtains, carpets, etc. The most important thing is the sound insulation of the curtains. In addition, you can laying carpet, its soft touch not only creates a comfortable and warm feeling, and can eliminate the sound of footsteps, which is conducive to people's rest. In the bedroom, to ensure a restful environment, thick curtains and fabrics should be used to control light and ambient noise.

More choice of cloth craft decoration and soft decoration. Because cloth craft jewelry has very good sound absorption effect. In general, the thicker the curtain, the better the sound absorption, texture is best in cotton and linen. A good quality curtain can reduce external noise by 10%-20%. In addition, carpeting also absorbs indoor noise.

8. The ground floor uses solid wood flooring for better sound insulation. If the sound insulation of the floor is too bad, floating insulation treatment should be carried out during paving, which can greatly reduce the floor sound. Special soundproofing materials can also be used as special soundproof ceilings.

9. Soft light. Dazzling floors, ceilings, walls can interfere with the human central nervous system, making people upset, and also makes people extremely sensitive to noise. Therefore, pay special attention to the softness of light in the selection of various lamps and decorative materials for interior decoration.

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10. Reduce noise by using green plants placed indoors. You can place some green plants with more branches and leaves on the windowsill and balcony facing the street, which can also reduce the noise of incoming.

11. Pay attention to the sound insulation of the entrance door and interior door. Choosing a better quality fireproof door can isolate about 30 decibels of noise. Especially families with old people and children, attention should be paid to the sound insulation of the interior door during renovation, to reduce the mutual influence of family life.

12. Sound insulation for walls and balcony windows. Especially the balcony has been remodeled, soundproofing should be carried out. This will not only prevent the introduction of outdoor noise, but also play a role in thermal insulation.

In short, housing has an extremely important role in personal health. If you want to have a peaceful and comfortable environment, it is best to make sound insulation on doors, windows, floors and walls with poor sound insulation, avoid sound insulation treatment after renovation, which not only increase the investment of funds, but also does not achieve the desired results. Conducting and paying attention to the sound insulation of the room during the decoration often results in a multiplier effect.


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