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Leeyin Acoustics Project - Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium in China

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Project introduction:

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is located in northeast angle of Nanshan Houhai Center district, and middle of Shenzhen Bay 15km Marina casual belt, adjacent to Hong Kong, North next to Marina Avenue, West next to KeYuan road, East next to Shahe West, South next to Shenzhen Bay Lake, which is about 720 meters from East to West, and wide about 430 meters from North to South. It covers 300,000 square meters, the total area is 335,000 square meters, the total investment is about 2.3 billion RMB, including stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, athletes reception center, universal fitness facilities and the commercial supporting facilities.

Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium.jpg

The construction area is up to 48,210 square meters, the playing field is 70 meters long and 40 meters wide, equipped with 23 boxes and 2 VIP lounges. The pavilion can accommodate nearly 12,737 audiences (9,949 fixed seats, 2,790 movable seats), which is the largest stadium in Shenzhen; available for table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics and many other professional races; high degree modern acoustics, lighting, TV live and other equipment also enables it to be a  preferred location for organizing a wide range of large-scale theatrical performances.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is the main stadium of the 26th World University Games in 2011, which was jointly completed by Japan’s Sato Co., Ltd. and Beijing Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. The construction started in June 2009 to ensure the  holding and use of Universiade Games on August 12th,2011. In addition to commissioning and operation, the construction period takes less than two years.

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Suitable activities:
Concerts, high-end cocktail reception
Enterprise Annual Meeting,Anniversary celebration, recognition of the General Assembly, customer appreciation activities
New product release, real estate opening

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Product description:

Basketball stadium ceiling space absorbing matrix. The spatial sound absorber is composed of three-dimensional structure, which greatly increases the sound-absorbing area compared with the ordinary two-dimensional structure, so it has a wider sound absorption band, can effectively prevent echo defects in the gymnasium, and effectively reduce the reverberation time.

Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium-3.jpg

Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium-4.jpg

Project outcome:

In the face of the high standards of design and construction, the space-absorbing matrix provided by our company is made of A grade flame-retardant and environmental-friendly materials. It is easy to install and meet the acoustic requirements and greatly reduce the installation time. Indoor reverberation time fully meet the design standards, which is fully recognized by the construction unit and the owners.

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Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium-6.jpg

Shenzhen Bay Gymnasium-7.jpg


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