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Leeyin Acoustics Project - Sichuan Wenjiang Middle School Gymnasium

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Wenjiang Middle School in Sichuan Province, China was founded in 1927, which has an experienced and long history, significant and brilliant performance as well as trained a large number of outstanding personnel for the motherland. There are generals of the Republic, academicians of the Academy of Sciences, the Asian Games champion and thousands of national construction personnel.  As early as the 50s of last century, the school is a key middle school in Wenjiang,  and identified as the province's first batch of key middle schools  by Sichuan Provincial Government in the 1980s. It passed through the "national model high school" acceptance in 2001, which has become Sichuan Province national demonstration school. 


The top of the Wen Jiang High School Gymnasium acoustic decoration materials used the sound absorber produced by Leeyin Acoustics. It cannot only absorb the noise generated by large-scale activities in the gymnasium, but also plays a stylish aesthetic role. Leeyin staff has been following up on this project starting from the stadium renovation until it is completed in order to achieve perfection, because customer satisfaction is our pursuit. 

温江中学3_副本 (1).jpg温江中学-3_副本 (1).jpg


Leeyin Acoustics offer designers a variety of options, sound insulation, sound absorption, and diffusion products which are suitable for use in different environmental areas. 

LEEYIN, QPLAN and Happy Family three series of products can meet the different needs of public building space acoustics, environmental noise reduction vibration treatment and home building acoustics.

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