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Leeyin Acoustics Project - Guangxi Cultural and Arts Center

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Guangxi Cultural and Arts Center is located in the southern bank of Nanning Bridge. It can be regarded as the most abstract architecture in appearance design, which can be described as three Karst mountain peaks pass through the clouds.

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Guangxi Cultural and Art Center held a grand completion and billing ceremony yesterday.

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Guangxi Cultural Art Center project covers 244.29 acres of land, the total construction area is about 378,000 square meters. It is composed by the Grand Theater, Concert Hall, multi-function hall 3 venues. It is a large-scale cultural complex integrating arts performance, conferences, exhibitions and other functions as one, which can meet the large-scale opera, national opera, large-scale concerts and other performance requirements.

Among them, the cultural and arts center has a total construction area of 115,000 square meters, including 1800-seat Grand Theater, 1,200-seat concert hall and a 600-seat multi-purpose hall, which is the largest volume art venue in Guangxi, and has the ability and conditions to accommodate world-class performing arts team performance.

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The concert hall wall of Guangxi Cultural Arts Center is also the first to be covered with GRC materials in the same type of building in China. This material absorbs noise and at the same time also has a good reflection of the original sound. As a result, the concert hall basically can hear beautiful music without the audio equipment. The concert hall and theater wall decoration used 3000 square meters wood wire sound-absorbing panels, aluminum acoustic panels and fabric wrapped acoustic panels supplied by Leeyin Acoustics, which are class A fire rated, flame retardancy and flame resistance are particularly high.

Guangxi Culture and Art Center will hold its opening premiere on 3rd, January 2018. 


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