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Leeyin Acoustics Project - Shenzhen Vanke Dameisha Headquarter

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Vanke Center is located in Dameisha tourist resort. Dameisha is located in Dapeng Bay Yantian District in Shenzhen, north of Wutong Mountain green ridge, south by Dapeng Bay waters, and across the sea with the Hong Kong New Territories. It is surrounded by Kawasaki Ridge, Shangping reservoir catchment area, Pineapple Hill and surrounded by Zhengjiaozui. Dameisha is surrounded by three mountains, surrounded by nearly 1,000 hectares of natural forest, 1800 meters long beach, a rich sub-tropical coastal scenery! Vanke Center is surrounded by Dameisha Lake Park, about 1 km from south side of the Great Meisha Beach Park. It covers an area of 61,729.7 square meters, the total construction area is 80,200 square meters.

Shenzhen Vanke Dameisha Headquarter-1.jpg

Vanke Center project uses Guangzhou Liyin carving U-shaped perforated acoustic panels.

Shenzhen Vanke Dameisha Headquarter.jpg


Leeyin Acoustics offer designers a variety of options, sound insulation, sound absorption, and diffusion products which are suitable for use in different environmental areas. 

LEEYIN, QPLAN and Happy Family three series of products can meet the different needs of public building space acoustics, environmental noise reduction vibration treatment and home building acoustics.

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