QPLAN Sound Insulation Series

QPLAN Sound Isolation Rubber
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    QPLAN rubber cork cushion adopts polymer composite substrate and cork composite material, wave surface design can form a micro-cavity structure, which can significantly improve the material's resilience and damping performance, has excellent sound waves and vibration wave transmission loss characteristics.

    Acoustic performance(ISO 140&717)

    8mm:Lw24dB(ITECONS ACU 118/08)

    10mm:Lw25dB(ITECONS ACL 002/13)

    12mm:Lw27dB(ITECONS ACU 019/13)

    17mm:Lw29dB(ITECONS ACL 472/08)


    Conventional Specifications: (Other specifications can be customized upon request)





    Insulation performance(ISO 8301)

    Thermal conductivity: 0.140W/m°k

    Thermal resistance: 0.057 m°k

    Note: This data is based on 8mm thickness products


    Physical Mechanical Properties(ISO 7322)

    Surface Density: 3.0kg/㎡

    Dynamic Stiffness: 28MN/m³

    Tensile strength: >90%

    Tensile Strength: up to 3000Kg/㎡

    Durability: The same life as the building

    Note: This data is based on 8mm thickness products

    Scope of application

    Used in hotel rooms and residential floors, effectively increase the floor sound insulation, can effectively block the noise transmission generated by footsteps and impact noise. Also used in KTV nightclubs and others for floor tiles laying basic level, form an elastic layer in the floating layer and the original floor structure, effectively cut off the transmission of sound and vibration.

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