QPLAN Sound Insulation Series

QPLAN Rubber Cork Insulation Pad
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  • VC5015 insulation pad is made of rubber and cork, which is the noise reduction material with excellent damping properties.


    The product is used in a vibration control environment that requires both damping and vibration isolation, it is usually used for vibration rubber particles/ vibration felt/ vibration strip and other different specifications, applicable in the floating platform, wall, smallpox and other low load area.

    Product Features: 

    There is a very wide load range, to meet the different unit area load requirements, anti-aging, hard to burn, lasting stabilitylow resonant amplitudeshape change factor is low, sustainable products, high damping coefficient

    Load range:

    Static load: 0.30-0.60MPa(43-87psi)

    Maximum load: 1,00MPa(145psi)

    Instantaneous load: 4,00MPa(580psi)


    Elastic Modulus:

    Dynamic: 5,0-9,0MPa(725-1305psi)

    Static: 5,0-25,0MPa(2175-3625psi)


    Applicable temperature range-10-100℃(+14-212℉)

    DensityKg/m3(1) : 650(40lb/ft3)

    Shore scleroscope hardnessShore A2: 60-70

    Break and elongation rateMPa315

    Tensile strengthMPa30,7(>102psi

    50%/23/70h Compression deformation%415

    0.7 MPa Compression ratio%5: 35-50

    0.7 MPa Rebound rate%570


    Scope of application: 

    Bars, nightclubshotel electromechanical layer (fan room, cooling tower, water pump, engine, etc), gymnasium floating platform construction.

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