QPLAN Sound Insulation Series

QPLAN Sound Insulation Wall Hanger
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  • The core component of the QPLAN sound insulation wall system is QPLAN damping hanger, its working principle is using flexible connection to fix the original building structure wall and sound insulation wall together, so that the noise of the sound barrier wall is not transmitted to the building structure through the connecting member, to meet the area which is sensitive to sound insulation.


    QPLAN wall hanger is a necessary component for the sound insulation wall, which uses one-piece rust-proof hardware and high-damping rubber blocks, simple structure and stable system, low natural frequency, excellent vibration isolation effect, effectively cut off the sound bridge, the effect is very significant especially for the suppression of low-frequency sound transmission.


    Product Features

    1.Superior damping performance

    2.Low natural frequency

    3.High strength

    4.Stable structure

    5.Easy to use

    6.Green renewable products

    Scope of application

    After installation of QPLAN sound insulation wall system, the original wall can effectively improve the sound insulation of the wall, improve the privacy of the room, widely used in KTV, nightclub, hotel room, cinema, electromechanical equipment room, studio and other room-in-room system in sensitive areas.

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