QPLAN Sound Insulation Series

QPLAN Sound Insulation Ceiling Spring Hanger
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    QPLAN ceiling spring is a damping vibration isolation hanging device designed for sound insulation ceilings system. Fasten the hanger in the original ceiling with the expansion screw or bolt, the traditional sound insulation ceiling composed of the light keel system and gypsum board can be suspended under the hanger, you can also hang the soundproof panels, or directly hang pipes and so on.


    Product Features:

    The hood hole of the shell is designed with large hole, providing the hanger rod in the rated load to allow any direction to swing at the bottom at the maximum angle of 25 degrees, and will not touch the damping spring at the hanger bottom. 3mm damping gasket used with damped vibration pad can effectively handle high and low frequency vibration and the structural noise propagation. The spring static deflection and the high diameter ratio is between 1.2 to 1.5 at the rated load, so that the stability of the system is greatly improved. The spring reserves a 25% overload under rated load, make the spring performance more stable and life longer. The sound insulation hanger can withstand at least 150% overload protection.


    Scope of application:

    QPLAN sound insulation ceiling system can effectively reduce the nuisance  caused by the airborne and impact noise, mainly used in the construction industry, bars, nightclubs, hotel electromechanical layer (fan room, cooling tower, water pump, engine, etc), which is often used together with QPLAN sound insulation wall system and floor vibration isolation system to build room-in-room structure.

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