QPLAN Sound Insulation Series

QPLAN Mass Loaded Vinyl
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  • QPLAN sound insulation felt is produced by using environmentally friendly and harmless green raw materials, moisture proof, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, not easy moldy, stable features. Soft texture, better tensile properties, convenient and quick construction. And the higher surface density brings superior sound insulation performance, effectively suppress the propagation of low frequency sound waves. A variety of applications, when used in combination, the sound insulation pad make up for the plates in the resonance and anastomosis effect greatly reduction of sound insulation performance, which is used very widely. The surface is made of aluminum foil, greatly enhance the flexibility of the flexible sound insulation felt itself. In addition, its installation is also very convenient, whether paste or suspension can achieve very good results.



    Product Features:

    1.Sound insulation: 24-35dB

    2.Thickness: 1.2mm/2mm/3mm

    3.Composite damping sound insulation upgrade27dB, a good cut off effect for the low-frequency sound.

    4.Super flexibility, adapt to any solid base material, the fusion material free from the shape, structure, space constraints.

    5.Double-sided super self-adhesive, fully integrated into the substrate surface;

    6.Easy and convenient construction, can be cut with wallpaper knife, scissors and other tools.

    7.Building sound insulation and substrate bonding back cover, machinery and equipment can use the metal sheet to permanently use by staples.

    8.Good fire resistance, temperature resistance, elasticity and tensile strength.

    9.No manufacturing emissions, no waste pollution, environmental protection and can be recycled several times.

    10.Scope of application: Mainly used in the construction industry, conference rooms, home bedroom, engine room air compressor, plant, multi-function hall, KTV room, pipes (water pipes / air hose) , offices and other areas where noise reduction is needed.



    Product Application:

    1.Used in composite lightweight gypsum board and wooden board wall, significantly enhance the sound insulation of the wall.

    2. Used in composite ceiling, improve the floor sound insulation effects.

    3. Used in floor layout, effectively increase the floor impact sound and air born double sound insulation effects.

    4. Applied to pipe wrapping, improve the sound insulation and noise reduction of PVC pipe wall.

    5. Used in soundproof door composite, change the vibration frequency of the door hinge itself, significantly enhance the door hinge sound insulation.

    6. Acoustic cover, engineering machinerycar cab, shipyard, engine compartment, metal damping vibration, material sound insulation and so on.

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