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QPLAN Soundproof Door
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  • With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the acoustic requirement for living environment is getting higher and higher. As the door itself has more gaps in the characteristics, it is a weak link in the composition of architectural acoustics. To provide more comfortable and privacy space, most of today's hotels and family rooms are using soundproof doors. As the name suggests the soundproof door is to block the air noise as the main function, generally used in the place where the noise is very large or very strong privacy. QPLAN sound insulation door not only provides a series of standard specifications, and can also customize special specifications and function soundproof door according to customer requirements, which has a friendly relationship in the industry with many architects, designers, contractors and owners. QPLAN soundproof doors are a good solution for all types of noise pollution and sound quality control problems, which always occupy a leading position in the industry.


    Product specifications:

    Box size: 910x2100mm(Single cover)  1500x2100mm(double cover)

    Door thickness: 45-90mm

    Acoustic performance: Rw 25 - Rw 50*  STC 25 - STC 50

    Hardware Accessories: Self-lowering door bottom seal, door side seal, door lock, heaven and earth lock(Optional)

    Finishes: Natural veneer, technology veneer, fireproof veneer, environmental protection paint, transferring, powder coating and so on.



    Industry: Generator room, refrigeration room, water pump room and so on

    Commerce: Recording studio, practicing piano (song) room, KTV room, conference room and so on

    Family: Home theater, HIF audiovisual room, study, piano room and so on

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        LEEYIN, QPLAN and Happy Family three series of products can meet the different needs of public building space acoustics, environmental noise reduction vibration treatment and home building acoustics.

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