Acoustic Diffuser

Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
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  • Model:Py250

    Substrate: Solid wood / high density flame retardant substrate

    Finish: melamine/veneer/fire-resistant finish

    Environmental performance: The products fully comply with GB18580 standard environmental protection E1 level requirements after being tested.

    Fire-proof level: Class A / Class B           

    Product specifications: Regular size 600X1200mm,1200X1200mm, can be customized according to customer requirements.

    Product Features:

    1. The sound of multiple bands can be diffused and reflected.

    2. Can be hidden in the whole theater audio-visual room art design.

    3. Using large-size diffusers, to increase the ability to diffuse the bass, the room has good diffuse performance, the attenuation of the sound is smooth, and then everywhere in the room feel the sound evenly.

    4. Except for all functions with flat sound absorbing panels, it can also conduct the sound waves at different angles through its three-dimensional surface, eliminate the blind spot of the sound wave in the process of diffusion, improve sound quality, thinning stress, weaken the treble, and compensate for the bass.


    Scope of application: Acoustic diffusers are mainly used in the hall mouth and both sides of the front side light, the role is to sound waves incident to the side of the wall reflect and spread into the hall, to avoid acoustic defects caused by sound coloring, sound focus and standing wave, making the sound more exquisite and accurate. Widely used in concert halls, multi-purpose hall, auditorium and other places.

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