Perforated Acoustic Panel

Perforated Acoustic Panel
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  • Model: 8-8-1/16-16-6/16-16-8/32-32-8/32-32-12

    Substrate: High density flame retardant substrate / Solid wood substrate /Class A glass magnesium board

    Finish: Melamine / Veneer /Fireproof finish/ Pure color piano paint

    Common specifications:600X600mm, 600X1200mm, 1200X1200mm, 1200X2400mm, 2400X2400mm,

    Product Features: The perforated sound-absorbing panel is structure sound-absorbing material which open round holes on the front and the back of high-density board. Scientifically calculates the acoustics principle, reasonable cooperation, it has excellent noise reduction and sound-absorbing performance, medium and low frequency sound absorption effect is particularly good. Commonly used in ceiling decoration and sound absorption noise reduction.

    Scope of application: multi function hall, meeting room, cinema, auditorium, hotel and other places.


    • Perforated Acoustic Panel Sound Absorption Coefficient.jpg

      Perforated Acoustic Panel Sound Absorption Coefficient-1.jpg

      Perforated Acoustic Panel Acoustic Performance Curve.jpg

      • Perforated Acosutic Panel Installation.jpg

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