Wood Wool Acoustic Panel

Wood Wool Acoustic Panel
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  • Thickness:15/20/25mm

    Environmental performance: After being tested, the products fully comply with GB18580 standard E1 level requirements.

    Fireproof performance: Class B

    Conventional specifications:600X600mm,600X1200mm,1200X1200mm,1200mmX2400mm

    Features: Wooden acoustic panels use poplar wood fiber as raw material, combined with a unique inorganic hard cement binder, using continuous operation process, made in high temperature and high pressure conditions. The product has the physical properties that only can be obtained by synthesizing several different building materials.

    Unique appearance, good sound-absorbing performance. Unique surface filamentous texture gives a primitive rugged feeling, to meet the concept of modern human returning to the nature. The surface can carry out finish spray and inkjet processing.

    The surface texture of the wood wool acoustic panel shows an elegant texture and a unique taste, which can fully explain the designer's creativity and ideas. The product combines the advantages of wood and cement, light weight as wood, solid as cement,  has sound absorption, impact resistance, fireproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and other functions.

    Application: Can be widely used in the stadium, theater, meeting room, church, factory, schools, library, etc.







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