Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel
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  • Environmental performance: Meet the national standard GB18580-E1 level requirement, and meet the requirements for direct use in interior decoration.

    Conventional specifications:300X600mm,600X600mm,600X1200mm,1200X2400mm

    Fireproof performance: Meet the national standard GB8624-B1 level requirements.

    Product Features

    Polyester fibers hot-pressed via high-tech and made of cocooned cotton, achieve diversity density, ensure ventilation, become excellent products in the sound absorption and heat insulation materials. The maximum sound absorption coefficient achieves 0.9 or more in the 125 ~ 4000HZ noise range. Adjust the reverberation time according to different needs, clear sound impurity, improve the sound effect, improve the clarity of speech, which has been the preferred sound-absorbing material for the interior decoration.

    Material is uniform and solid, flexible, with good wear resistance and impact resistance.

    Easy to clean, you can flick with a vacuum cleaner and duster. You can also use a towel to add water and detergent to wipe.

    Polyester fiber acoustic panel can replace sponge, glass fiber, rock wool and other harmful traditional sound-absorbing panels, which is a new type of environmentally sound insulation material. It can be in direct contact with the human body and not hurt the human body, and will not release pollutants, can adjust reverberation time according to different needs, clear sound impurity, improve the sound effect and improve the speech clarity. Widely used in the field of architectural decoration.

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