Jingmo Foam

Jingmo Foam
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  • Jingmo foam has excellent sound absorption, flame resistance, heat insulation, anti-fungal, friction, health and safety, good secondary processing and other comprehensive performance. These features make the product widely used in construction sites, vehicle manufacturing, factory construction, thermal engineering, equipment installation, air conditioning systems, aerospace navigation field, defense industry, mechanical and electrical products, biological pollution control projects and other fields.


    Product specifications:

    Jingmo foam standard size is 700x200x2500mm, which can also provide special size and specifications product in addition to this specification, customization according to customer requirements is available.

    Product color: White, gray, pink, blue, yellow and so on

    Packaging: Jingmo foam uses polyethylene plastic film packaging

    Application scope: Stadium, Space sound absorber, quiet room, wind tunnel laboratory

    Feature: Flame retardant, heat insulation, good plasticity


    Acoustic performance:

    The Jingmo foam is an irregular three-dimensional grid structure system observed under the microscope, and is connected to the three-dimensional network structure, greatly reducing the flow resistance of the air, so that sound waves can be easily and effectively enter the deep layer of foam cotton, and the sound energy can change the sound energy and consumption and absorption in the three-dimensional grid structure. The density of Jingmo foam is only 8kg / m3, opening rate is up to 97% or more, a large number of connected cavities are guarantee of sound insulation performance.


    Flame retardant:

    Jingmo foam raw materials are flame retardant amino thermosetting resin, which can achieve GB / 8624 - 2012 B1 level, DIN5510 S4 level, B56853, UL94 V-0 level no need to add any flame retardant media. Decomposition carbonization without generating droplets in case of fire, smoke density<15. Recommended as the first public places flame retardant materials by "public places fire safety and flame retardant technology" edited by Ministry of Public Security.


    Heat insulation:

    Green, energy saving, environmental protection, sustainable development is the mainstream of the contemporary construction industry. The three-dimensional grid structure of the Jingmo foam makes the convective heat transfer of the air effectively reduced, coupled with unique thermal stability, making it lightweight thermal insulation materials difficult to replace, the thermal conductivity is only 0.036.


    Good plasticity:

    Jingmo foam can be processed into sheet, shaped material by means of machining, as well as will be processed into a cone-shaped surface and wedge shape sound-absorbing products to meet the requirements of sound absorption. The sheet may be made into the embossed ceilings and coil sheet with embossed patterns by hot pressing, while the surface strength has improved. Easy to dyed to create a vibrant sound-filled sound-absorbing material. Can be easily composed with metal, textiles, non-woven fabrics and other materials, to produce a series of sound-absorbing, thermal insulation products to meet the needs of different places and conditions.


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