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Movable Partition

Soundproof Aluminum Glass Partition Wall
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  • The sliding partition wall is smooth opening and closing of spaces in areas where the movement cycle of the wall is a daily, seasonal, spring, autumn, winter closed, opening the summer, Designed against: the heat the cold, the rain (with overhead guard), the wind, the noise. It is used in local with balcony, terraces, shops, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness centers, hotels, sports centers, shopping malls and financial institutions. Wall composed of several individual elements in glass, which slide along a guide fixed to the ceiling are assembled one after another until the whole wall is completed, you can request the inclusion of passing doors the telescopic end element is the mechanism that provides for the total closure of the wall. A double-laminated glass and toughened with pre-chamber, and argon gas transmittance up to U = 2.0 W/m2 K with horizontal and vertical profiles with thermal break from the innovative design, are made of anodized aluminum (standard) or RAL colors on request. Element with a maximum height of 400 cm, width from 80 to 100 cm, thickness 6.9 cm. The runner is made of extruded profiles with a height of 9 cm, 9.3 cm wide, in line from 45 ° and 90 ° used for the storing areas. There is no special floor guide. The trolleys of support for element have two axes of the load of 150 Kg.


    1.Hanging on ceiling:    The floor without a track, just put the rail mounted on the ceiling

    2.Excellent Quality:        Each pieces of partition can turn around 360 degree.

    3.Stable and secure:      After partition is stable and reliable, and is not easy to swing

    4.Energy efficient:         The large space divided into a small space, in order to reduce air conditioning power consumption;

    5.Heatproof & fireproof: Good heat insulation performance, Adopt effective fire prevention materials

    6.Elegant appearance:    Surface any adornment, can unite with indoor adornment effect

    7.Easy to collect:           Can be hidden in the special coffer, does not affect the overall appearance

    8.Various applications:    Hotels, exhibition halls, restaurants, multi-functional rooms etc.

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